Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Milestone

This weekend was my daughter's fifth birthday party and her first full-on, kids-invited, classic backyard bash. For the past four years, its been a family only celebration, but this time around we decided to go for the gusto.

It was a SCORCHING, but memorable day of pinatas, blow-up pools, badmitton on the front lawn, ice cream cake and water games. As I watched her helping to set her own birthday table and greeting her guests, it dawned on me that my daughter has suddenly transitioned from my baby to a little girl, and her fifth birthday is a milestone for both of us. For her, growing up and for me, letting go just a little bit.

By the time the last few guest were trickling out, she was stumbling and mumbling incoherently from exhaustion. I was too, so I guess I can't poke fun.

All in all, it was a perfect day for a unique, free-spirited, beautiful little girl.
Happy Birthday, my love.

(the aftermath)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

Earlier this Spring, we were invited to include our cookies in the Daytime Emmy Award gift bags! We could hardly contain our excitement as we envisioned Oprah, Ellen, Rachael and Regis gushing in unision about how scrumptious our treats were. Then we realized they wanted 1,400 gifts shipped overnight to Vegas! We quickly shook the fantasies out of our heads and buckled down. This was going to take an army and a whole 'lotta butter!

This past week-end, my amazing family and a new friend, Susie Wyshak, camped out at my place to mix, scoop, bake, package, babysit and do just about anything else that needed to get done. The hours were long, our backs were aching, the bakery was HOT, but we did it! 1,400 of our Kitchen Sink cookies are now being placed into gift bags to be handed out this Sunday in Las Vegas to every attendee of the Daytime Emmy Awards Show.

I'm thrilled, I'm proud and I'm so very grateful to the people who helped me to accomplish our mission!

The last two photos are courtesy of Susie Wyshak. Check out her blog at

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