Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Milestone

This weekend was my daughter's fifth birthday party and her first full-on, kids-invited, classic backyard bash. For the past four years, its been a family only celebration, but this time around we decided to go for the gusto.

It was a SCORCHING, but memorable day of pinatas, blow-up pools, badmitton on the front lawn, ice cream cake and water games. As I watched her helping to set her own birthday table and greeting her guests, it dawned on me that my daughter has suddenly transitioned from my baby to a little girl, and her fifth birthday is a milestone for both of us. For her, growing up and for me, letting go just a little bit.

By the time the last few guest were trickling out, she was stumbling and mumbling incoherently from exhaustion. I was too, so I guess I can't poke fun.

All in all, it was a perfect day for a unique, free-spirited, beautiful little girl.
Happy Birthday, my love.

(the aftermath)

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  1. It was a great party! Back yard bashes are the best!! You guys did a fabulous job and as long as she had fun, that's all that matters. :-)