Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Summer

Historically, Summer has always been the slowest time of year for our business - it gave us a couple of months to re-group, plan for the holiday season and just relax with the family.

This year, due in large part to our Emmy involvement and resulting press, the Summer has been our busiest on record. I have not yet re-grouped, nor have I planned for the hectic holiday season ahead.

I did, however, sneak in some quality beach time with the family...

A ride on the ferris wheel....

Some dancing on the beach at sunset...

A trip to the lighthouse (and a round-trip 434 stair trek to the top!)

And some delicious walks on the beach with my girl.

Happy summer, everyone!


  1. Glad you guys had some fun! Looks like a wonderful trip. Fab usual. :o)